Day 12 – Lashing out

The patience of the rich is running thin.

The editor of City AM rants today against the Archbishop of Canterbury. The clergy should stick to talking about God, he says, not some bolshevik-marxist bull about greed and poverty. Why the rant today? Because the AoC backed the proposition of Tobin tax – the only way the nations can make money from what became the fastest growing branch of Western economy. Imagine if the government couldn’t tax industrial production because industrial barons refused to agree to it. That’s the kind of situation we’re in.
The AoC also encourages to consider some of the things the Occupy protesters say. That’s pretty much the extent of his fault. Reading the rant, one would think the Archbishop demands a tear-down of the City skyscrapers, hanging the bankers, and giving all their money away to the poor. The CofE obviously stepped on one toe too many. Why can’t they understand Greed Is Good? A little bit of deadly sin once in a while never hurt anybody. It’s that stupid, stubborn sticking to some random ‘rules’ that makes the church ‘haemorrhaging members’!

The rich are losing their patience. “Poverty is idolized, material gain demonised,” claims Mr Heath – without providing any quotes to that effect. Yesterday representatives of several UK banks were trying to convince the public they’re not as bad as everyone thinks. The right-wing pundits in US have switched into full-on ‘victimization’ mode – as shown and brilliantly mocked on yesterday’s Daily Show. The 1% are the persecuted minority.

We’ve heard it before, of course. Back in 2008 it was the media’s and government’s fault that the public perception of the financial sector was so bad. They’re just doing their job. Nobody seems willing to step up and take the blame for anything that’s been happening. In the middle of the one of the greatest economic crises in living memory, ‘sorry’ seems, indeed, to be the hardest word.

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