Day 11 – Business as usual

The unparalleled City AM has today an editorial piece about the 7bln child. They are happy. They say we should all be happy. More people is better for the economy, always. More consumers, more producers, more everything. The infinite hamster can be fed infinitely.

Let’s play a game. Let’s imagine what future awaits the 7bln kid from the perspective of an average City AM reader. What can it bring to the economy?

If it even survives long enough, not dying from a random disease, famine or war, it has some great prospects. It could work at a uranium mine. Or steal oil from refinery pipes. Or stitch cheap t-shirts or jeans. Its entire contribution to the world’s economy will most likely be – at best – to provide cheap labour for some multi-national or other.

But maybe it won’t be that bad. The sixth billion kid has it pretty good compared to most of his peers: he lives with his parents in a ‘decrepit block of flats’ in Bosnia, but at least he’s white, European, has access to food, water and free school. One day he may become a skilled worker, trying to find some low-paid (or un-paid, even) employment. If Bosnia joins EU by the time he finishes school, he may even end up quite well off – relatively speaking.

So cheer up, emo seventh billion kid. The good people at City AM will take care of you.


They certainly can afford it. It’s not often that you can read the words ‘elite greedy pigs‘ in a broadsheet newspaper, but it seems even the Independent’s patience has its limits – even if it is just a quote.
According to the findings of Income Data Servings, the average pay in the corporate boardroom rose by 50% – for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW.

Crisis? What crisis?

There are only two explanations for this: either the fat cats realize their time is up and they’re just trying to hoard up as much cash as possible, or they really are so out of touch with reality as most people suspect them to and they aren’t aware they’re doing something wrong.


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