Day 6

There’s some french-belgian bank that’s at the risk of a bankrupcy. Again.
In 2008 they got 6 bln euro bailout from France. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. Now they want more.
It is obviously run by morons with a financial acumen of a lobotomised monkey (not even a healthy monkey, because as research shows, healthy monkeys make, on average, better decisions than human traders). I can’t imagine any other company that would warrant bailing out twice in a row – with that much money.

The infinite hamster rears its ugly head again as ‘markets are worried’ that China’s economic growth is slightly slower in September than it was in August. Nobody dares to ask the question ‘do we really want China’s economy to expand infinitely?’ Of course we do. Our yachts must expand infinitely too.
Speaking of yachts, there’s THIS mooring at the Tower Bridge. It belongs to a man who is worth half of what that french bank got three years ago. He’s already lost about a billion in the crisis, mostly because of his bad decisions (should have hired more monkeys). My heart weeps. The yacht’s still there.
The heat-wave is almost over. Mornings are chilly, evenings not so much. Picked up business cards of a few Japanese restaurants to try out in coming months. Some look very promising.

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